Round the World Travel

Welcome to our collection of somewhat good, decidedly average and downright wonky photographs from our round the world travel adventures. We hope to inspire you to go out and see more of our incredible planet and meet more people from different cultures and nations. We also hope you find our little snippets of advice useful. Below are a few featured pictures from the site.

Round the world travel continents – quick overview


It is hard to speak of Africa and avoid clichés. Dangerous (in some places), ancient (the birthplace of mankind) and just awesome in terms of landscape, wildlife and people. From the little I have seen of this immense and misunderstood continent, it is truly fascinating and a must see place for round the world travel. I’ve been to Kenya and Malawi in the more central regions, and Egypt and Tunisia in the north.

The classic African safari experience is fantastic, and Kenya’s Masai Mara is one place that does not disappoint for that. In addition the coast offers great swimming, fishing and chilled out-ness. Malawi is desperately poor and it shows almost everywhere, but the people are beautiful and there are great spots to be found. Egypt should need no introduction, and Tunisia (photos coming soon) is a lovely country to travel around by bus and train, with history spots galore, The Sahara and a great fusion of Mediterranean & Arabic cuisine.

If going to anywhere in Africa check up on vaccinations and areas of civil unrest. There are some particularly nasty diseases in some places, and political situations can change quickly and you need to be informed of any potentially unsafe areas. Get proper travel insurance, don’t take anything valuable and travel light. See the individual pages for more details on each specific country.

The Americas

This enormous continent spans the globe almost from top to bottom. The Americas consists of 2 main chunks: The USA and Canada in the northern hemisphere; and “Latin America” which has Central America and South America spanning from the northern down into the southern hemisphere.

The US and Canada are mainly English-speaking, whilst Latin America is mainly Spanish and Portuguese. A large part of Canada speaks French, and of course there are many indigenous languages spoken all over the continent. For most westerners, travel to the USA will be a familiar experience. America’s culture is pervasive – Hollywood, New York, Cowboys and so on. Most people have heard of these and that is part of the attraction. As it’s such a huge country, there is enormous variety. The “deep south” with its jazz, amazing food, humidity and history sits in stark contrast to the wine growing affluence of California and the glamour and glitz of Hollywood.

The east coast is more different still, with its New England feel and of course the Big Apple. Down to South America and you’re almost on a different planet. A different culture, language, cuisine and way of doing things. The southern mass of the Americas is without doubt the more exotic, mysterious and dangerous feeling. The draws of Peru are many, including the Inca Trail and Lake Titicaca. Bolivia is simply wonderful, and a trip to the Altiplano is essential if you go there. Chile, one of the richer and modernised countries on the continent, is also full of delights. All these countries in South America are set against the backdrop of The Andes, which seem to be in view almost everywhere, making for an exhilarating experience for the adventurous.


The biggest and most diverse continent is Asia. The range of cultures, landscapes and economies is vast. Where to start your travels in Asia is a big decision, whether you’re a backpacker on a budget, on a package holiday or wanting to spend big in the cities. It’s doubtful anyone will do this continent justice on a single trip, even if you are visiting several countries, it’s just too big.

If you are coming from Australia, then Indonesia is close enough for an amazing experience, with Bali being a popular tourist destination. Hong Kong is a treat for the senses, with its unique blend of Chinese influence and old British empire. One of the most popular destinations for round the world travel in south east Asia is of course Thailand, the backpacker’s favourite of exotic experiences, street food landscape and incredible people. At the other end of the budget is Japan, where the ultra-modern high tech meets deep tradition and Zen Buddhism.

India is a sub-continent to itself, with its own blend of amazing countryside, food and tradition. It’s essential to be conscious of all the relevant health issues when travelling around Asia, be sure to get the right jabs and be prepared for slow service in many places.