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Bulgaria – Should You Go?

Go for a short stay if you want some sunshine, cheap food and a swim in The Black Sea. There are a few interesting things to do but we went there on a budget family holiday for the beach. The Golden Sands resort near Varna is typically ghastly, but fantastic for kids. There is a lot there and you won’t run out of fun things to do. If you want something interesting you’ll have to book a day trip or two – see below.

Worth seeing


The public bus trip to Varna from Golden Sands is easy and cheap. Once there, Varna Cathedral is worth a look and The Sea Garden is a large and pretty park to get lost in for a few hours.

Pobiti Kamani

Also called The Stone Desert, these are fascinating natural rock formations, and unique in how they are formed. You can go off and explore the place which takes about an hour. There is a shop too, where the owner will tell you stuff about how the rocks are connected to ley lines…….. The site is about a 20 minute drive from Varna and the easiest thing to do is book a tour.

Aladzha Monastery

A very interesting place, carved into the hillside. It is no longer actually in use, but the little museum on site tells the tale of the orthodox monks that lived there circa 13-1400’s. We combined this with the trip to Pobiti Kamani.


  • One thing I hadn’t realised in my ignorance before going was that Bulgarian alphabet is a type of Cyrillic. So, don’t expect to be able to read any road signs and stuff like that. The touristy spots and Varna did have street signs written in the English alphabet as well as Cyrillic which was handy for navigation.

Overall Score for Bulgaria – 5/10

A bit on the low side I admit, and only based on a short trip to one region – but Bulgaria didn’t really grab me the way some other countries do. One day if I ever get to see the capital, Sofia, and more of the country, it might change. I hope so.