Eastern Europe

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Eastern Europe – Should You Go?

In Eastern Europe there are a lot of places to choose from. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland are all worth seeing. We went on short breaks to the capitals Prague and Budapest, and to the the city of Krakow. These places were great for sightseeing and the architecture, history and food were the highlights for us. Each trip was in winter time and it was very cold so take lots of warm clothing. The weather was not great for photos, either cloudy and/or foggy most of the time. The Christmas markets, festive cheer and hot spiced wine made up for it though.


The capital of The Czech Republic is good for a few days. The highlight is the Old Town Square with its famous Astronomical Clock. The buildings here are beautiful both day and night. The hot spiced wine will help keep you warm as you stroll around the square and side streets. Charles Bridge crossing The Vltava river is a nice spot and worth a look too. Food wise there are some great options beyond the typical stodge of meat and veg – although that’s what was needed in the bitter cold of January when we were there.


The capital of Hungary is also a great city break for a couple of days.


Poland’s second largest city.

Overall Score – 7/10