Hong Kong

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Hong Kong- Should You Go?

Update 2019 – recent events in Hong Kong may dissuade you from going. Check with your embassy.

Hong Kong is a fascinating city and one which is very enjoyable to stay in for a few days. If you are fit, you can see quite a bit by walking around but you will need transport at some point to see all the different zones. Public transport is very good, I used trams, boats and the subway, all of which were very easy to navigate.

A trip to The Peak is essential, even if just to look down on the city. The stroll around the top is pleasant and takes The steep ride up and down on the funicular is great fun – I got there really early and avoided the crowds but that was only because I was jet-lagged. Yes the crowds – be prepared for hordes and throngs everywhere! Especially in Tsim Sha Sui and Central. Restaurants and shopping areas were packed all the time. I ended up retreating to the lovely parks and gardens to get away in the end. I also took a day trip out to Lamma Island and the hike across it was very pleasant.

As a lone tourist Hong Kong felt safe, clean and modern. In the museums there were small armies of workers going around wiping doors handles and offering hand-sanitizer – the spectre of SARS was still strong there. Also of note in the parks were the elderly people everywhere doing Tai Chi, it gave the place a distinctive Chinese feel, as opposed to being just any old big city. I went mid-January and the weather was good – not cold or hot or humid – just right!